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A seemingly simple question has caught many by surprise when they decide to sell their apartment, family home or plot of land. You will suddenly realize that you would need market research, correct and fresh information from the legislation, correct and modern tools for promoting real estate and of course your time.

Since the beginning of the year, our team has expanded with Mgr. Martin Lazík. He is not a newcomer - he has been in real estate since 2001. From his work epxerience we can name for example: The National Association of Real Estate Officies of Slovakia in the position of General Secretary, CEO of Reality.sk, an analyst of Nehnuteľnosti.sk.

Our new web


We donated to us our first gift to the twentieth anniversary of our company founding. A new web site that meets the requirements of convenient browsing even on mobile phones and tablets. If something does not work or you have suggestions for improvement, do not hesitate to contact us.

Real estates offer a variety of investment opportunities. You can choose from conservative long term investment opportunities, with a lower yield and with lower risk. In our portfolio we have also properties with more attractive yield. Slovakia´s real estate market offers also middle time opportunities (with approx. 5 years realisation) with different yields with various risk levels, depending on the individual business case.