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Real estate investments in Slovakia

Added: 18.7.2023

Real estates offer a variety of investment opportunities. You can choose from conservative long term investment opportunities, with a lower yield and with lower risk. In our portfolio we have also properties with more attractive yield. Slovakia´s real estate market offers also middle time opportunities (with approx. 5 years realisation) with different yields with various risk levels, depending on the individual business case.

How to invest in real estate in Slovakia?

Each client has individual possibilities and ideas about real estate investment. Our goal is to offer consultation and identify for the client the best solution on the market.

Based on our know-how we see the continual proportion between the high of investment and yield. Of course with higher yield is also the risk level higher. Our task is to identify an minimize the risks and protect client´s investment. 

Our job is to protect your funds.

Real estate investments in our portfolio?

Retail space and buildings for sale

  • investment level 500.000€ - 3.000.000€

Locality Bratislava, Košice and various cities in Slovakia.
Some of the buildings are fully occupied and offers a stable yield immediately.

Sale of hotels and recreation complexes

  • investment level 750.000€ – 3.500.000€

Locality Bratislava, Piešťany, Nízke Tatry, Vysoké Tatry etc.

Sale of office building.

  • investment level 1.500.000€ – 7.500.000€

Locality Bratislava, Košice and various cities in Slovakia.

Residential development projects

  • family houses
  • flats and apartments

We prepare feasibility study, project documentation, approval process, contracting suppliers, marketing, sales. Ideal combination for successful project realization - market knowledge and experience. 

If you are interested in investing in the real estate market, please contact our company and find a tailor-made solution for you.

When representing clients, we act responsibly and discreetly. Projects are presented at personal meetings, given the sensitivity of the information.


Ján Palenčár - 0903216161 | palencar@urbanpartner.sk
Martin Lazík - 0911368934 | lazik@urbanpartner.sk